The Judgments of the Book of the Revelation
 Judgment Series  Interrelationships
 The Seven Seals
 1. White Horse (Antichrist) 2. Red Horse (Anarchy, terrorism) 3. Black Horse (world-wide economy out of control) 4. Pale Green Horse (Death and Hades) 5. Martyrs' Prayers 6. sun, moon, stars disturbed; 7. great earthquake
   7. Announcement of Trumpet Judgments
 The Seven Trumpets
 1. hail, fire, blood: one third of vegetation burned 2. great "mountain" thrown into sea: one third of sea blood 3. "star" falls into fresh water streams, one third poisoned 4. sun, moon stars dimmed one third 5. demonic invasion unloosed 6. one third of mankind killed in war 7. Temple in heaven opened, great earthquake, hailstorm
   7. Announcement of Bowl Judgments
 The Seven Bowls of Wrath
1. malignant sores 2. Sea turned to blood 3. Fresh waters tuned to blood 4. Sun flares up scorching men 5. Darkness in the land of the Beast 6. Invasion of armies into the holy land. 7. Great Earthquake, cities fall, topography of earth changed.

 The open, visible, return (epiphaneia) of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Mount of Olives coincides with the seventh judgment in each set