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"A valuable summary of the evidence against the chemical evolution of life out of non-living matter. It presents a very well thought-out and clearly written analysis of the alternatives to the accepted scientific theory of the origin of life."
---Robert Jastrow, Founder and Former Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies of NASA, author of several acclaimed books including God and The Astronomers.

"The authors have made an important contribution to the origin of life field. Many workers in this area believe that an adequate scientific explanation for the beginning of life on Earth has already been made. Their point of view has been widely disseminated in texts and the media, and to a large extent, has been accepted by the public. This new work brings together the major scientific arguments that demonstrate the inadequacy of current theories. Although I do not share the final philosophical conclusion that the authors reach, I welcome their contribution. It will help to clarify our thinking.... I would recommend this book to everyone with a scientific background and interest in the origin of life
---Robert Shapiro, Professor of Chemistry at New York University. Dr. Shapiro is co-author of Life Beyond Earth.

"...arguments are cogent, original and compelling.... The authors believe, and I now concur, that there is a fundamental flaw in all current theories of the chemical origins of life."
---Dean Kenyon, Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University and co-author of Biochemical Predestination.

The Mystery of Life 's Origin is a book that had to be written, There is a critical necessity in any developing scientific discipline to subject its ideas to test and to vigorously analyze its experimental procedures. It is an ill-fated science that doesn't do so. Yet, surprisingly, prebiotic or chemical evolution has never before been thoroughly evaluated.

The authors not only provide a comprehensive critique of chemical evolution using established principles of physics and chemistry, they also introduce some effective new tools of analysis. Well written and clear in exposition, this book also brings together in one volume the isolated criticisms found throughout the chemical evolution literature, The result is a severe challenge to the accepted interpretation of chemical evolution.

The Mystery of Life's Origin is not only a necessary critique, it is a timely one. The current evolution/creation debate has become one of the most provocative scientific issues in history. A valuable and stimulating epilogue explores this volatile issue, and analyzes the major alternatives to chemical evolution including panspermia and special creation. With the intense interest in origin of life studies caused by recent technology for exploring the far reaches of our solar system, it becomes clear that The Mystery of Life's Origin is a vitally important contribution to scientific thought.

The authors anticipate controversy and reconsideration of accepted ideas. As Professor D.H. Kenyon remarks in the Foreword, "It is very likely that research on life's origins will move in somewhat different directions once the professionals have read this important work."

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