by David H. Roper

David Roper preached these 8 messages (3041-3048) from the New Testament Book of Philippians in 1972-73 at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California.

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1 Servants And Saints (Phil 1:1-2) (DP #3041) 5 The Magnificant Obsession (Phil 3:1-14) (3045)
2 Praise, Poise And Prayer (Phil 1:3-11) (3042) 6 The Cross And The Coming (Phil 3:15-41) (3046)
3 What Happened To Paul? (Phil 1:12-26) (3043) 7 The Art Of Living (Phil 4:2-9) (3047)
4 A Life Worthy of the Gospel (Phil 1:27-2:13) (3044) 8 We've Got A Secret (Phil 4:10-23) (3048)

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Updated 5/3/2006