This world began at creation and ended when the Flood (the deluge) destroyed it. In this world God gave dominion of the earth to man (Genesis 1:28-30). 

This world has been divided into two ages: 


This was the time from when Adam and Eve were created until they fell into sin. During this period God spoke to Adam and Eve face to face. Man exercised absolute dominion over the earth. The earth was a perfect paradise. There was no pain or suffering, nor was there any shame (Genesis Chapter 1 & 2). Every thing was perfect, just as God intended it to be. 

God's eternal purpose for man is and always was that we would be His friends and companions (Leviticus 26:11-12, 2 Corinthians 6:16, Revelation 21:1-5) and that He would live with us and bless us with all that is His. 

This purpose has not changed. It has only been postponed for a time because of sin. 


This age began when Adam and Eve rebelled against God and ended with the flood. 

During this Age God allowed mankind unlimited freedom to do as he chose. This age was marked by violence and corruption. Mankind did what ever he liked without restraint. The world was only evil all the time (Genesis Chapter 3 - 6). Although we are given very little detail of this Age we can see the depravity to which men fall under the influence of sin. 

We also see that this depravity leads to destruction. This is the only time we are told of that God actually "repented" of something He had done. He was sorry that He had ever created man, so He sent the flood to "cleanse" the earth of sin. 

Yet we also see God's power to deliver the righteous from destruction. God warned Noah and his family of the coming destruction and gave them a fresh start. 

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