The Problem

Thermodynamics proves conclusively by mathematics, logic and observation that the Universe in which we live is progressing from a state of high order and complexity to a state of low order and simplicity. Many current theories about the origen of life (and the Universe itself) imply that the system is progressing from a state of low order and simplicity to a state of high order and complexity. It is obvious to the casual observer that there is a conflict, yet we accept these theories, such as the Theory of Evolution etc. as "absolute" fact.

The trouble is we do not distinguish between a scientific theory and a scientific law.

A Scientific Law

A scientific law is a concept which has been proven beyond doubt by repeated mathematical modelling and experimental observations. There is no doubt that when an event occurs, the outcome can be clearly predicted.

Examples of scientific laws are:

  • The laws of Thermodynamics - Every time there is a conversion or transfer of energy the laws of thermodynamics are obeyed.
  • The Law of Gravity - Every time two masses interact the law of gravity is obeyed.
  • The Gas Laws - Gases always behave in a predictable mannor, according to the gas laws.

A Scientific Theory

A scientific theory is simply an explenation of how something may have occured. A theory should never be treated in the same mannor as a law. In fact it is a matter of "faith" to accept the theory, until it has been proven by repeated experimental observation.

Examples of scientific theories are:

  • The theory of Evolution - At this stage it has never been proven by repeated and continual experimental observation.
  • The Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe - Can never be observed at all.

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