Through out the earth's history, God has been working to a plan. This plan is on-going and will result in the total restoration of creation. 

At different times the plan has taken different turns, depending on what God wanted to accomplish in that particular time. This chapter will quickly outline the main aspects of God's plan and try to place the history of the world into Divine perspective. 

The Bible reveals to us that God is perfect in Wisdom, Justice, Love and Power. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that all His dealings with man would show these attributes in abundance.


The Bible clearly teaches us that the earth will last for ever (Psalm 104:5; Ecclesiastes 1:4), but the power system which controls the earth, or the "worlds" do change. That is why Jesus referred to Satan as the "ruler of this world" (John 12:31), and stated that His own Kingdom was "not of this world" (John 18:36). Although the Kingdom of God will indeed rule on the earth (Revelation 11:15), it will not be while this present system of control (or world) exists.

In all there will be three "worlds", The Antediluvian World, This Present Evil World and The World to Come. The "worlds" are clearly defined by the destruction of one and the establishment of another by direct intervention by God. Each of these "worlds" is further subdivided into "dispensations" or "Ages". We will now consider these in order from creation. 


In all God's plan will span 7 great Ages, it will result in the total restoration of all creation. We are in the fifth age now, about to enter the sixth. This age is for the calling out of a special people who shall play a vital role in the profound work of the Millennial Age to come. 

To participate in this great calling: 

  1. We must repent (turn  away) from all evil.
  2. Trust in  the sacrifice of  Jesus on the cross and believe that he  will save us from the judgment to come.
  3. We must confess our evil and ask Jesus to  forgive us.
  4. We must then accept the  Lordship of Jesus  over  our  lives   and  obey  his commands.
Jesus died  on  the Cross  so  that  our sins could be forgiven.  But Jesus rose again  from the dead to show that he has power over death and can save us from judgment. 

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