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Compiled December 3, 2018

Notes on Geneis Chapter One

Introduction to Genesis 1 and 2

Events in the Life of Adam

Adam's Diary of Creation and the Fall

Earth's Early History

Adam's Account: The Creation and Fall

Physics Problems for Creation Week

The Origin of the Solar System

The Limits of Science

The Uniqueness of Creation Week

The Ruin of Creation

What Holds the Universe Together?

In Six Days

Made in the Image of God

Man's Lost Dominion

World Population Since Creation

Population of the PreFlood World

On the Great Flood of Noah

God and the Angels

The Angel of the Lord

Is Genesis Poetry or Historical Narrative?

Understanding The Hebrew of Genesis One

Old Testament References to Creation

New Testament References to Creation

Yin, Yang, the Tao and Wholenss

Creation: The Jewish Oral Tradition

What is Revelation from God?

Miscellany Concerning the Bible

The Mystery of Time's Arrow

Time and Eternity

God and the Quality of Time

A Joint in Time

Jesus' Death: Six Hours of Eternity on the Cross

The Vacuum: Much Ado about Nothing

Zero Point Energy

Gravity Notes

Twenty Ways the Earth Could be Swept Away

The Consequence Engine

No Such Thing as Chance!

Accidents and Disasters: Does God Care?

The Elements of the World System

Concerring Earth's Early History

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