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Jesus is a Single Man

If the Rapture Happened Today

The Exchanged Life

Software not Hardware

Almighty Father

The Judgment Seat of Christ


My Years on Oxycontin 

The Seamy Side of Life

The Flesh,The World, and The Devil

The First Begotten

City Life

A City in Space

New Bodies

Time Warps

Psalm 45

On Knowing God Existentially

When Churches Run on Autopilot

The Excluded Ones



Jesus, the Breaker

It Takes Three to Tango


MP3 Classes at Step Closer

Newsletters Old and New

Old Favorite Articles

The Uniqueness of Creation Week

Made in the Image of God

The Fall of Man

The Ruin of Creation

Yin, Yang, the Tao, and Wholeness

New Bodies for Old

The Coming Exile in Edom

The Great Harlot

Accidents and Disasters, Does God Care?

The Consequence Engine

No Such Thing as Chance

The Return of Jesus Poewr, Glory and Splendor

Love and Relationships: Song of Solomon

Prayer 101

Time and Eternity

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February 6, 2019


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